About Us

Why promote with FXCASH?

FXCASH is fresh on the Forex scene with a completely new innovative concept designed to carve out the most revenue possible for our affiliates!

FXCASH utilizes Forex revenue sources such as trading, signals, education and E-Books.

We make sure your traffic finds what it’s looking for

Product Selection. With FXCASH, your Forex-related site will have access to a selection of different products- from Forex training, to Forex signals, to multiple brokerages- something to interest every type of client likely to browse your site.

Is your traffic interested in finding a licensed, reputable brokerage? Maybe they are searching for a convenient, easy and fast way to begin trading? Are you generating traffic that would like to learn how to become a trader? Got some people interested in receiving trading signals? With the FXCASH Affiliate Program, you can find something that perks the interest of every potential client type.

Profit from the triangulation of your traffic

With all existing Forex affiliate programs, the generation of revenue has been limited to only one Forex product. FXCASH has put an end to this. We want you to maximize you’re earning potential. We believe offering multiple products make you larger profits.

Our partners cross promote different Forex products. Therefore any click originating from your advertising efforts will generate revenue when they work with any of our partners; regardless of when, where or how the traffic moves between the products. This means that you will receive additional revenue for each and every product your traffic eventually utilizes.

The bottom line is: more interesting, quality products for your community and a continuous, multi-source revenue stream for you.

Benefit from a high average client value

Our top-quality products and services and innovative promotions help boost conversion rates and client retention. Making the potential for multi-source revenue streams from each individual client, translate directly into high long-term client value.

Affiliate Systems shaped to meet your needs

Our reporting system provides our affiliates with in-depth statistical analysis of their traffic, in real time. Determine which of your campaigns work best for you, and account for every penny you have earned.

Work with a professional partner

We understand and appreciate the needs of our partners and believe they deserve an active, professional and available counterpart. Our teams of professional online marketers and media buyers know what works on the web and are more than happy to share their expertise to benefit you. Your partners at FXCASH want to ensure you a maximize return on investment. And remember we are always just a phone call away.

Excellent marketing materials

Gain instant access to a vast collection of unique marketing creatives. Need something custom made for a specific campaign? Contact your account manager and we will get it done!

Prompt payment

Payments are processed through PayPal, Payoneer or bank wire. Payment processing is scheduled from the 15th of the month until the 20th. If wire transfer is selected as a payment option, earnings delivery time may vary depending on bank location. for specific details on this matter, consult our terms and conditions or contact an affiliate manager.



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